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Erotic Adventures

The real erotic tale of Mr Hyde - continued

2nd August 2011

The Account of Doctor Hays

I, William Taylor, looked across as the man sitting next to me in the inn in Whitechapel, hanging on every word as he told me of the man he had called Mr Hyde. Hyde had beaten a dog savagely in the street, so severely that many bystanders had intervened, unusual in itself for this part of the world. I learned that the storyteller was a Dr Samuel Hays, a renowned man famous for his research into tropical diseases.

The doctor was recounting the background to the man known as Hyde, a most threatening and villainous fellow if ever I saw one.

“Hyde is well known around these parts, though he is only ever seen after dark. He frequents the more, shall I say, seedier establishments and consorts with all manner of women. He is known to visit the opium dens in the slum areas and can even be seen drinking alcohol in the streets. It is rumoured that he has even enjoyed carnal knowledge of more than one woman in dark alleys. All in all he is a reprobate fellow and one that it is best to avoid.

“What I know of him is that he lives in a building just off the main square. It is an unusual place in that it has no windows and the door is solid oak and reinforced with iron. When he emerges he is usually encased in a long, dark cloak and wears a tall hat. He carries a fearsome looking stick – a sword stick if I'm not mistaken – and he carries a black bag, not unlike a doctors. He walks in a boorish, confident and arrogant manner and will walk right through a passer by, without a by your leave. A curmudgeonly fellow.

“His favourite haunt is the Black Bull pub, a place of drunkards and good for nothings though I must admit to having supped ale in the place on occasion... the ladies... mmm... ah... well sir, we are all men, are we not?”

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I nodded assent, understanding the undertone of the good doctor. No doubt, like many men of our time he has a wife and a mistress, or two. And why not, who am I to judge. My soul is in need of cleansing, hence my good work for the poor of Whitechapel on behalf of the charity of Saint Igantius.

This Erotic Adventure continues tomorrow.