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The Search for IWD

8th March 2011

It’s International Women’s Day today. I know this because Annie Lennox has been on television promoting it in an advertisement. When she first appeared in the ad I thought cool, she’s wearing an AIDS t-shirt, this will be an appeal on behalf of the many hundreds of thousands of poor, unfortunate people in Africa who are suffering from this terrible disease. But nope, actually she was promoting the little known, by me, International Women’s Day.

I did some research to try and find out a little more. (I find Annie Lennox irritating in a pop stars like Bono want to change the world kind of way and so didn’t really listen as she chewed up the screen being all ‘does a lot of work for charity’...) Now International Women’s Day is “a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future”. I guess there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s also an International Men’s Day in November this year with the theme of giving boys the very best start in life.

It’s just, what is all this international this day, international that day? Just doesn’t compute for me. Every day is women’s day; every day is men’s day. It’s like the argument I had with my girlfriend the other week. Just because it was something called Valentine’s day she expected to be treated ‘special’ (she even said the word in a kind of little girl regression to the womb kind of way. She wanted flowers, a meal, chocolates.... Jeez. How come Valentine’s day means another Christmas for women? What about buying me some booze and a kebab, you can skip the flowers, eh darlin’? I tell her she’s, yawn, ‘special’ every day already. Just cos Thorntons want to sell chocs, Interflora want to sell weeds and Hallmark want to sell cardboard I get a bag load of emotional blackmail and no sex for a month. Well, gee, thanks!

Then there’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and this day and that day... you know the score. I’ll not be surprised if we have international ‘Breathing Day’ soon where we celebrate breathing in and out rather than not breathing and falling over dead. Seriously, it will happen I’m telling you!

Hang on; I have an excellent idea forming in my oversized brain. I think I will establish international visiting escorts day. Now that’s something I could support! In fact I will happily travel the world as an ambassador for the event. I will even do a smug Annie Lennox style television advertisement to promote the cause. I’m all heart me.

International Women’s Day takes place on the eighth of March. For those of you eager to know more and get involved there is a website of the same name dot com.