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Erotic Adventures

The Song of Sabine - part one

29th July 2011

A dark shadow crept over the landscape devouring all in its path. Relentlessly it travelled bringing death and destruction in its wake. With no opposition worthy of the name Lord Bartak surveyed the carnage with a deep sense of satisfaction.

It had been ten long years since he had last enjoyed the fruits of his power, his unjust imprisonment within the grim castle dungeons of Imangir a deep insult and one that he would revenge mercilessly. The fools would feel the full force of his wrath, none but one would live and they would not die well.

His eyes narrowed as he watched his ghostly horsemen continued their inexorable advance, the village of Samadir the next to suffer their fury. Clad in battle armour the horse’s thunderous hooves resounded across the plain sending shivers of fear down the backs of any who heard the terrifying din. The undead riders red eyes blazed with murderous intent, their weapons of death honed and at the ready, their will not their own, but his, Bartak’s, the master who had summoned his troops from the grave to serve him once more.

“None but one” he repeated, his mantra growing in strength and volume until the very walls of his fortress rang out in unison. He turned from the window and looked down at his captains assembled before him. They bowed once more in his presence, afraid of eye contact lest Bartak peered into their very soul and found them wanting.

He surveyed the room, relishing this moment that he had waited so long for. As his eyes scanned the throng he paused when he saw his concubines, four beauties dressed in transparent silk, their lusty and toned bodies exposed for all to see. Each of them represented one element, one part of the sacred five – the separate pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that when combined made up the whole.

The whole when channelled properly delivered equilibrium, peace, harmony and love. But should the whole be united in the wrong hands then they would prove an unstoppable force, and their fury and power controlled would enable Bartok to take what was rightly his. ‘The Five’ united and controlled were a sublime weapon without compare, terrible in its absence of conscience, limitless in the destruction that would be wrought. But control came at a price, a man’s soul and a life span much reduced. Bartok though had other ideas.

The first was the sensual Deandra, a vision of innocence that belied her inner thoughts. She was life

“Gather your armies. Polish your steel. Strap on your battle armour. There will be no mercy...”

“No mercy” the soldiers repeated.

To be continued.

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This Erotic Adventure continues tomorrow.