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Erotic Adventures

The Song of Sabine 2

30th July 2011

The beautiful, innocent Sabine carried water in a wooden bucket from the well to her father’s clay and straw built hut. The sun bathed her in a golden yellow glow accentuating her blonde locks and giving a bronzed sheen to her pure white skin. She wore a simple dress of course fabric, softened with a white undergarment with a string tied collar. Despite her dowdy appearance there was no mistaking her sensuality and vitality, the nubile young women the focus of many admiring glances from the many villagers, men and women she passed on the short journey to her lodging.

“I’m home father” she said as she entered the hut, placing the water down next to the food that she was to prepare later in the day for their evening meal.

Bartak retreated to his inner enclave where the witch Salannis awaited, He looked at the alluring woman in front of him, his resting on her pert and part exposed breasts, her sheer, thin satin dress offering an unrestricted view of her slender yet nubile figure, the low plunging neckline serving only to increase the voyeur’s desire.

Salannis was performing the sacred ceremony of the Nekyia, or ‘commune with the dead’. She was on all fours, her red hair hanging around her face and brushing the ground, her body moving in erotic and rhythmic movements, her elixir induced ecstasy elevating her to another transcendental level of consciousness. She gazed into the pit at the centre of the room.

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“What have the dead got to say Salannis? Those men that have tried to harness ‘The Five’? What can they teach me? I must know and soon as I am close to completing my quest for the last of ‘The Five’!”

“Patience my lord” said Salannis as she moved towards her master. He watched her approach in awe and wonder, her movements ephemeral, her look bewitching, her body firm and alluring.

Salannis stood in front of Bartak and his eyes devoured her beauty, lingering on her voluptuous breasts visible beneath the slight dress. The witch slipped the thin garment off her shoulders and allowed it to float to the floor, its descent slow as it hovered on the very air before resting on the hard flagged stone floor.

He stood stock still as she pressed her lips to his in a long and sensuous kiss, her tongue warm and soft as it probed his welcoming mouth, his own tongue lustily seeking its own delights. He felt her hands stroking his enflamed manhood but still he controlled his reactions, allowing the moment to linger, savouring the expectation of what was to come.

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