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Erotic Adventures

The Tesla 3 Temptation Club

23rd June 2011

As it happens it hadn’t worked out quite to plan – at first. Miranda found herself alone, sleeping in the very bottom rung of accommodation – a wall pod. A wall pod didn’t measure much more than the space of a couple of coffins, in fact Miranda nicknamed her place No1, The Crypt. Basically, in what looked like a wall of lockers you would open a small door and crawl onto the bed in your soundproof pod. Closing the door behind you the pod consisted of the bed with a wall of shelving and closet space to one side and to the other a human microwave – a device that would ‘wash’ your body using highly charged waves of neutrons. The device also served for cooking. A small door in the wall was the garbage shoot. The toilet facilities were communal. It was a grim place to live.

Miranda had received offers from men whose wives had died – a readymade and Tesla based wife was far cheaper than paying the agency towards transportation costs for a new one – but she was sticking out for Mr Right. To live she had to undertake any kind of work that was available and she had increasingly found herself waiting tables and serving fast food. That was ok, it was a living at least, it was the lack of a suitable partner that was not ok.

She had considered going back to Earth but that would mean using all of her hard earned savings. And then she stumbled across the talent that would significantly improve her life on this hell hole – Miranda in a swimsuit was heaven on Earth (make that Tesla). Miranda in a swimsuit dancing was heaven with bells on.

She was working as usual at the Tesla Temptation Club, waiting tables and picking up a few tips here and there. The star attractions were the dancers and Miranda looked on enviously as she saw the credits being racked up by the scantily clad dancers. These girls were living the high life she thought but not for one minute did the Tomboyish Miranda think that she could occupy one of their berths. It was only when one of the girls who was due in her go-go booth in ten minutes was taken ill that her chance came. To be fair the club manager didn’t think of Miranda for the right reasons – he thought it would be fun to see this six foot geek, lesbian chic, stuck up so and so with her high ideals and dreams of Mr Perfect fall flat on her arse and be humiliated.

Continued soon when Miranda enjoys an erotic adventure.

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