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Erotic Adventures

The true and erotic tale of Mr Hyde continues - a romp at the Black Bull

3rd August 2011

The Account of Dr Hays continues

“Well Sir, I was in the Black Bull enjoying the convivial atmosphere, a buxom wench sat astride my lap and her bosom near to my face, a large tankard of ale in one hand and her bottom in the other when in strode this Hyde fellow. Darned impudent I say because he flung open the door so wildly to announce his appearance that it sent one man flying. He rose in a fit of rage and made to strike Hyde, who held his ground and fixed the man with such a gaze that it simply put the fear of god into him. He stood there, fist raised as if about to strike but it was as if his hand was suspended in mid air sir!

“Then Hyde just laughed and walked off, a sneer still evident in his face and his eyes shrouded as if under a black cloud. He sat at the bar and ordered gin and when the barman poured the glass he grabbed his wrist until he let go of the bottle and there it lay, being gradually emptied by the ruffian. He gestured to two of the more attractive, younger courtesans who had been standing near the piano, to approach him and they did as asked. Immediately they were aside him he groped and fondled them and then led them upstairs to a back room, clutching his bottle of gin and three glasses.

“To my shame I have to admit that I too was about to partake of the particular delights that a young lady has to offer and so we too climbed the stairs of shame and alighted in a room adjoining Hyde's. My god sir, the din, the sounds of young women screaming in ecstasy or agony I could not infer which, were erotic and dreadful at the same time. I could hear young voices crying out for more and the sound of a whip being used with some force. There was laughter, loud moaning, screams of “yes, yes” and I have to admit I worried that my own performance would not be up to the task and my young companion would wish to desert me for the lusty shenanigans going on next door!”

The Doctors cheeks were flush and there was a kind of enjoyment mixed with fear in his eyes.

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