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Erotic Adventures

There are women and then there are women...

28th September 2014

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day is a famous opening line from a Shakespearean sonnet. It’s very romantic and no doubt was used to seduce many a lovely mistress in the Elizabethan Age. The poetic analogy is easy to understand: the woman is beautiful, she is pleasing on the eye, and she imparts warmth and pleasure and brings only sunshine and happiness into her man’s life. But what about comparing a woman to a cigar? Not quite so romantic. Groucho Marx said that sex with a woman was a moment of pleasure but a cigar is always a cigar. I’m not sure just how successful he was with the opposite sex but I can hazard a guess.

Still, I can kind of understand what he means in that sexual intercourse is a transient experience and prone to varying levels of pleasure depending on the partner and the circumstances. But I’ll stick to women if you don’t mind. And let’s face it, there are women and there are women! Some are made for pleasure and some give only pain! My ex-wife for example…

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