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Erotic Adventures

Unable to resist the teen temptress

10th September 2011

Dr Jekyll was appalled and horrified at the depraved and deadly acts that he had carried out or inspired as the heinous Hyde. He had always feared his dark side and had worked for years to suppress his latent desire for frequent, taboo, illicit and hot sex. He had lived under a veil of secrecy, acting as a pillar of the community whilst at the same time lusting after the daughters and wives of his doctor friends and having a taste for the wenches that inhabited the rougher inns of Whitechapel. But he had never had the self confidence, the spine of steel that was required to be truly himself. And now he had discovered an elixir that turned him into the man that he wanted to be, Hyde. But where was the profit in it if he himself could not actually experience the salacious acts that Hyde enjoyed?

Danielle intrigued the doctor. So young, so apparently innocent but here she was dressed in a white cotton nightshirt, the neck untied and giving a glimpse of her pale and firm bosoms and even her nipples when she had leant over him to soothe his brow. He knew that there was a reality and an illusion when it came to this well to do socialite. The illusion was of a virginal, well educated and moral waif, the reality a cold hearted, lusty, nymph in perpetual heat who would do anything to sate her carnal desires. He knew that she had an ulterior motive. The elixir that he had so carefully locked away in his bureau was standing next to the bed, a new syringe waiting beside it. The clothes that Hyde wore were pressed and arranged on a hanger as if Hyde may walk in at any moment and get dressed for another night of rampant and forceful sex. And then there was the corpse of his house keeper, the vivacious and loving Molly.

Danielle had told him that he killed her. He could not believe he would commit such a devilish act but as Hyde...? He had no memory of the previous night just like every other occasion he had become the devil. He didn’t know what upset him the most, killing a young woman as Hyde, or missing out on Hyde’s experiences.

He was shaken from his introspection by Danielle straddling him and wrapping her arms around him, pulling his face into her sweet, plump bosoms. He inhaled deeply, enjoying the lusty scent of sex on the hot wench and he felt a stirring but once more he was restrained by years of civilisation bearing down upon him. Danielle reached over and took the rubber tourniquet before filling the syringe from the vial beside the bed. Jekyll looked at her as if to say ‘no’ but did nothing to stop her lining up a vein and injecting him with the sweet poison that would rob him of his self and return him as Hyde...

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