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Erotic Adventures

Virgin at 18

26th January 2011

Today is my 18th Birthday and I have woken up with the realisation that I am still a virgin, it’s not that I’m ugly or a dweeb it’s just that I struggle to talk to girls, as soon as I open my mouth I start to stammer. My mum says that I will get over it and the right girl will come along but I’m not so sure. My mum said that when she was younger she had the same problem and didn’t lose her virginity until she was 25 now I love my mum to bits and really it’s not the sort of conversation I’m comfortable with but I know she is telling me a little white lie because she is only 41! So either she thinks I’m no good at maths or she is bloody MARY THE VIRGIN MOTHER.

I can see me ending up like that bloke from the movies the 40year old virgin I mean  just imaging when your girlfriend asks how many girls you slept with after a bit of pillow talk or in my case a bit of pillow stammer. I have a good bunch of mates and they are really understating they have tried their  best to get me on blind dates but it’s no use I get so nervous, just the thought of it starts my stammer off like a pneumatic drill. Last week I was heading on another blind date which I got there late for and she was gone, the reason I got there late was my stuttering kicked in when I was waiting for the number 8 bus  to Stotfold its only a 20 minute journey and cost £1.95 return but the bus conductor couldn’t understand what I was saying and thought I was pissed so he threw me of the bus. Then I had to wait 30 minutes for the next bus which was the 64 however that went a different route so I didn’t get to Stotfold until 8-30pm an hour late and of course my date Shelly was gone . I did try and ring her but I think she thought she had a phone pest on the line making an obscene call. I was trying to say “am running late” but all she got was Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah.

I’m desperate to pop my cherry and me best mate Bazza said I should use a visiting escort. He explained what and most importantly how it worked he said he had used escorts before and this was a real eye opener because Bazza has never had a problem with the girls when we have been out on the town. We always go clubbing in Bedford and this is his stomping ground. He gave me a web address for a local escort agency the agency was called Bedfordshire-Escorts and I booked a Stunning blonde escort that I seen on their website called Samantha, The beauty of all this was I was able to book online and get her delivered to my house, lol that sounds like a pizza delivery. When she arrived and was standing at the front door I was incredibly calm with no infliction, I thought this was bizarre however the evening went fantastic although we didn’t have sex as she told me that escort and escort agencies were not all about that she did recommend a friend of here who I met up with a week later. She also works as an Escort but she wasn’t working on the night she seen me. To cut the rest of this story short......At last I am no longer a virgin.