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Erotic Adventures

Wolf or Sheep? A trial at the hands of a teen temptress

4th August 2011

I was keen to find out more about this Hyde, my interest having been aroused by a combination of the good Doctor’s account and also by my own predilections to deviancy – I had intense sexual needs which I found it almost impossible to deny. I struggled with my dark side and I often entertained thoughts of carousing with ladies of the night though I knew that I would be unable to do so, my reputation as a man of the community was so important to me, and to my good lady wife.

I wondered whether my interest in Hyde then was simply as a kind of voyeur. Was I taking a vicarious pleasure from learning of his sexual antics and his brazen disregard for the norms and mores of our civilised society? Was I a weakling, unable to do what it was that I knew in my heart I so desired to do – be a philanderer, a man who enjoyed the sexual comfort of many young and nubile wenches – and was instead to lead the life of repressed desire? A sheep who longed to be a wolf? The thought was torturing my mind and endangering my very soul and I took counsel with a learned pastor. His words were a comfort, though they didn’t appease my needs. He explained that we each had our nature as given by god but there were those of us whom god desired to challenge. We were the lost flock and we had to find our way back to the shepherd... Hyde and myself, a wolf and a sheep. Would I find the flock or would I feel Hyde’s teeth sinking into my very bones...

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I took myself that night to the Black Bull, to see with my own eyes the place of sexual depravation that the doctor had described the previous evening. I must admit that I also hoped to see Hyde, though I had been warned that he would not appear until late, if at all. I sat in a corner, as if trying to become part of the furniture, unseen and unthreatened. A mere wallflower... It wasn’t long before a heavily made up, yet beautiful young woman approached me and her pouting mouth, curvaceous body and alluring demeanour were sure to prove a grave temptation for my body and soul... I closed my eyes, just for a second, and reopened them. The teen temptress was still standing before me, her hands on her hips and her sensual tongue licking her fulsome lips...

Another Erotic Adventure in the company of the mysterious Mr Hyde tomorrow.