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You want locking up for that!

18th March 2011

A female chaplain working at an all male prison has been jailed following revelations that she had sex with an inmate. Now I know that the Lord wants all of us miserable sinners to repent and I perfectly follow that he works in mysterious ways but this?

Apparently Jade Watson, a chaplain with the group, Church Army. (Sounds a bit too military for my liking and takes me back to when it meant more than just ‘team God’ but in fact meant killing other folk because they had a different hairstyle to yours and believed different stuff.) The Church Army is an ultra evangelical wing of the Church of England and should not be confused with Toon Army which is the evangelical wing of the Geordie’s football team, Newcastle United and who go out of their way to impress upon you just how ‘big’ a club Newcastle is, much bigger than Chelsea. Yeah, right.

The naughty nun (ok, I know she wasn’t a nun but ‘naughty vicar’ doesn’t sound right given she is a woman) cavorted with convicted crook Daniel Thornton in a booze fuelled romp after his release from the nick in January last year. Apparently when he was later put behind bars again in May last year she began smuggling in bottles of Vodka and other contraband including protein packed energy bars to help him with his gym training at Winchester Prison in Hants.

The local crown court took a dim view of the chaplain’s antics, sentencing the forty four year old from Andover to eight months in her majesty’s company.

Seems a bit harsh for a bit of hanky panky and an energy bar! God forbid she smuggled in a file hidden in a cake or a couple of busty escorts.

Mind you the thought of a naughty nun is a sexy one. I wonder if I can persuade the missus to take an interest? Probably not, but I can think about the sexy girls at North London Escorts and imagine how they would look in such a get up. Works for me, just check out the visiting escorts gallery and look for the girl who appears most innocent and voila, a little bit of mental gymnastics and my libido is boosted no end!

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