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Erotic Adventures

Zoe's indiscretions - time for the Doctor

31st May 2011

I had tracked Zoe down to a cool suburb of Paris. She was living in an artist’s garret, apparently rent free whilst she posed for the guy who owned the place. Michel liked to believe he was avant garde, a talented and penniless artist striving to give the world that masterpiece he had within him. In reality he was the son of a wealthy Parisian property developer who had made a fortune in the nineties. Michel, in his forties had never lifted a finger to do any real work and simply lived the pretence of the down at heel free spirit, and behind the facade of the grungy looking tenement the reality confounded the bohemian veneer. His place was packed with every luxury known to man, including beautiful women who passed through his place regularly, sitting as models and sharing his bed at nights. He had a predilection for women in their late teens or early twenties, with short Coco Chanel type hairstyles and slim, toned bodies with petite, pert breasts. Zoe certainly fit the bill.

Zoe could stop traffic. She had all the chic of any French movie star, all the sex appeal of a Bardot or a Deneuve or a Marceau. She gave of an effortless air of sexual intrigue and desire and men wanted her at the very instant they saw her. Unfortunately for most of them Zoe would only ‘date’ guys who met all of her tick boxes – wealthy, tick; influential, tick; powerful; tick... Michel certainly had the connections being a close friend of a high ranking politician as well as several French rock stars and famous actors. This got Zoe into the parties she enjoyed being seen in. Wealth was a no brainer. He may live in a relatively modest building but she knew of his yacht and his holiday home in the south. His power was courtesy of his father. Zoe’s indiscretions would be covered whilst she was with Michel. And her indiscretions were legion. She had a penchant for illegal substances and for high risk, high octane sex. Michel didn’t share her bag but he wasn’t possessive, he knew that as soon as he bored with her there would be another to take her place but not yet, she was too delicious to let go so soon.

So Zoe trawled the bars at night looking for the guys who could give her the thrills she had needed ever since that fateful day in the Musee. The Doctor would pass that test and with flying colours...

To be continued tomorrow.

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A whip, a hat and some leather but no Indy – have an Erotic Adventure.